F A Q Frequently Asked Questions

Are your coffins eco-friendly?

Yes, our coffins are made from untreated Radiata pine, and lined with an unbleached calico. The mattress is made from recycled wool, covered in unbleached cream calico. We use metal screws (which rust away, naturally), and water-based glue.

Can your coffins be used in a natural burial?

Yes, our coffins have been approved and certified for natural burials.

Can I buy an unlined coffin?

We are happy to provide our coffins unlined. If your funeral director has one of our coffins in stock, it is likely to be lined already. The lining can always be changed. Just bear in mind that our lining is natural, unbleached calico, whereas most other available linings are synthetic.

Do you offer different sizes?

We offer:
Standard size: adult person up to 188 cm (6’3”)
Large size: adult person up to 198 cm (6’6”)
Small size: adult person up to 172 cm (5’8”)

Do you accept special coffin orders?

We are happy to discuss non-standard-sized coffins with you. We can make a special coffin for a person of non-standard dimensions, although it may take a little extra time to make.

Can I buy one of your coffins in wood other than Radiata pine?

We can make our coffins in other timbers, such as macrocarpa. We will not use native timbers or timber harvested unsustainably overseas.
If you would like a coffin in a timber other than pine, please contact us to discuss what you want.